Written by Christian Graf on 24. July 2018 at 9:57.

Implementing inclusion: advice for owners of restaurants and other facilities


The term “inclusion” has gained more and more attention recently. In the field of education as well as in the wider public, the social integration of people with disabilities plays an ever greater role. Learn here what exactly inclusion means and how you can ensure disabled access for your facility.

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Written by Christian Graf on 27. June 2018 at 14:27.

Find sponsors & create accessibility: That’s the way!

You are certainly already feeling the demographic change: Society is getting older, and the need for accessibility in public spaces is steadily increasing. But how to create accessibility if there are not enough funds available? It’s easy – here you can find out how you can win sponsors for yourself.

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Written by Christian Graf on 8. June 2018 at 7:47.

Rent a wheelchair: It’s as easy as using shopping carts

“The customer is king.” This is the motto in almost every industry, whether in a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping centre, a municipal institution or a cultural institution. So why not just put the king on a rolling throne? Find out here what a modern transfer chair can do and what benefits you and your customers …

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Written by Christian Graf on 7. June 2018 at 9:28.

Alternative to the wheelchair: 3 major advantages of a transfer chair

Accessibility is becoming an increasingly important issue, especially in public spaces. In order to offer your guests even better customer service in this respect, practical helpers are particularly recommended when it comes to mobility. Like a transfer chair, which is also a chair on castors, but has some advantages over the classic wheelchair. Find out what they …

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Written by Christian Graf on 12. March 2018 at 16:30.

Best Service? More Profit? Yes, through accessibility!


The best service for your customers – which Restaurant, Hotel or Cultural Facility did not make this their priority? But do you still know every way possible to be really attractive to your customer? This is exactly what this article is all about and how you can reach people in the ages between 8 and …

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