Perfect service for your customers: Innovative, elegant, comfortable

SAM – the mobile transfer chair from provita

Get to know SAM, our transfer chair for the complete public space. Here, accessibility and modern elegance are combined into a special service offer for your customers.
Whether you want to offer unlimited mobility in a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping centre, a municipal institution or a cultural institution
(from museums to theme parks to zoos): With SAM, it’s easy.
Benefit from more customers and thus more turnover, because with your service you can also reach people with limited mobility and win them as loyal and grateful customers.

The advantages of SAM at a glance:

    • More customers.
      Guests with a handicap or walking impairments can also use your
      Companies, institutions of your municipality or your locality
      visit. And all around esteemed visitors come back again and again.
    • Improved image.
      Accessible places that value the best service are recommended,
      z. B. in the local press, online reviews and travel guides.
    • Greater security.
      Avoid accidents and trouble with a smart safety solution.
      The SAM transfer chair is safe and easy to operate.
    • Increased marketing.
      Personalised advertising directly on the tool enables additional revenues
      and attracts attention wherever the chic chair on wheels
      is on the way.

Get to know SAM for free and without obligation!

Convince yourself of our modern transfer chair. We would be happy to visit you with SAM and introduce the chair to you personally.

Simply arrange a free demonstration appointment: Fill out the form and send it off. We will get back to you as soon as possible and make an appointment with you.

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SAM is the solution: more customers, increasing sales, best image

SAM combines the necessary with the useful: safe and accessible facilities and institutions enhance the reputation of operators and owners. On the other hand, they make it possible to serve many more guests or customers. The result: The turnover increases, the service is evaluated better.

And you secure an image advantage over your competitors. After all, you are addressing all customers: Whether pregnant women, people with handicaps or injuries or older visitors who are physically impaired. Everyone can look forward to a relaxed visit to your location or your premises through accessibility, because they appreciate the special service of this special wheelchair.

+ Safe and comfortable.

+ Space-saving and stackable.

+ Stable up to 150 kg.

+ Deposit system selectable: coin or card.